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Steel rises to the challenge of Industry-4

Welcome to Steel rises to the challenge of Industry 4

Smart manufacturing does not just mean having a steel-producing smart factory. It is a significant transformation in the way we source raw materials, manufacture, and market our products through horizontal and vertical supply chain integration - and it is profoundly customer-focused.

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Welcome Egyptian international for engineering

Welcome Egyptian international for engineering " eIe Group " was formed in 2004 based in Cairo, Egypt, and become an agent for many international companies in field of steel machinery eIe group become one of the leading value added distribution and developers of engineering software packaging CAD/CAM/CIM application.

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Steel Fabrication

Software | Raptor

From cell phones to satellites, intelligent software runs the world around us. This is no different within the structural steel industry. Fabricators need cutting-edge technology to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Raptor, from Peddinghaus, is today’s premier structural machine tool 3D CAD/CAM platform equipped with modules to import, modify, inspect, create and export part programs. At the heart of Raptor lies the 3D module. Designed for complete management and editing of part data, this module allows you to inspect, modify and export part information all within the 3D platform. The easy-to-navigate interface clearly illustrates part details, program machine operations and batch nesting multiple parts for powerful programming solutions.

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Latest News for Drilling Tools

BDL-1250/9D Drilling

The sheer throughput of the BDL-1250/9D is a perfect fit for steel fabricators processing heavy-duty profiles like these. See all 9 spindles drill through this enormous W36 x 925 x 48' beam with ease. Proven to process an average of 200+ tons of structural steel per week, the BDL-1250/9D proudly serves some of the world's largest fabricators

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MACTECH Show in Cairo Egypt 2021

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Steel FAB Show 2020

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Steel February 2019

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Steel FAB 2015

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MACTECH Show in Cairo Egypt 2017

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Metal and Steel Show

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